To ensure that the U.S. retains technological leadership in the future, engineers must have the ability to solve problems that do not yet exist. This can only be accomplished by having future engineers with a creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial mindset. While faculty have enthusiastically embraced this national challenge and have poured effort into new curricula and programming, for these efforts to be on-going and sustainable, faculty must be able to document their work in refereed, archival publications for dissemination to the larger educational community and to provide evidence of scholarly work in their institutional promotion and tenure processes.

Offered by ASEE and made possible thanks to a generous donation from the Kern Family Foundation, the Archival Publication Authors Workshop for Engineering Educators (APA-ENG) is a new program aimed at increasing the capacity of engineering faculty to produce competitive manuscripts for refereed journals and other publications in the area of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

APA-ENG seeks to build a collective innovative and entrepreneurial mindset and increase dissemination and recognition of faculty work through ideation, collaboration and teambuilding, instruction, practice, review, mentoring, and feedback.

Entrepreneurial Mindset
Collaboration and Teambuilding
Practice and Review
Mentoring and Feedback